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As the sun rises over the greens and the dew begins to sparkle, there’s no better companion for your early tee time than a cup of First Tee Coffee. Whether you’re gearing up for a competitive round or enjoying a leisurely game with friends, the right coffee can elevate your experience. Here’s the ultimate guide to enjoying First Tee Coffee on the golf course, ensuring every sip enhances your game and delights your senses.

1. Choose Your Blend Wisely

First Tee Coffee offers a variety of blends, each crafted to suit different tastes and moments on the course. Whether you prefer a light, medium, or dark roast, selecting a blend that matches your mood and the day’s play can make all the difference. For a morning tee time, opt for a robust blend to kickstart your energy levels. As the day progresses, a lighter roast might be more refreshing and suitable for enjoying the calm and concentration needed for your afternoon game.

2. Preparation is Key

The best cup of coffee is one that’s freshly brewed, and this is no different on the golf course. Invest in a high-quality, portable coffee maker or a vacuum-insulated French press. Prepare your First Tee Coffee just before you leave for the course to enjoy it at its peak of flavor. For those early morning starts, consider a programmable coffee maker that can have your brew ready as you’re gearing up to leave.

3. Temperature Matters

Keeping your coffee at the perfect temperature is crucial for outdoor enjoyment. A high-quality thermos or insulated travel mug will keep your coffee hot (or cold if you prefer iced coffee) for hours, ensuring you can savor it from the first hole to the last. Look for a container that fits comfortably in your golf bag or cart cup holder for easy access.

4. Mind the Timing

Timing your coffee intake can also play a strategic role in your game. Drinking coffee just before you start can give you an initial boost of energy and focus. However, consider saving some of your brew for the back nine when your energy might begin to wane, and you need that extra push to finish strong.

5. Enjoy Responsibly

While coffee is a fantastic way to enhance your golf game, it’s important to stay hydrated and drink water alongside your coffee. The caffeine in coffee can have diuretic effects, especially in the heat, so balancing your coffee enjoyment with adequate water intake will keep you at your best throughout the day.

6. Share the Experience

Golf is a social game, and so is coffee. Sharing a cup of First Tee Coffee with your playing partners can be a great way to bond, discuss strategy, or just enjoy a peaceful moment together. Bring extra cups and a larger thermos to share the joy and camaraderie that comes with a shared love of coffee and golf.


Enjoying First Tee Coffee on the golf course isn’t just about sipping a beverage; it’s about enhancing your game, savoring moments of pleasure, and embracing the spirit of golf. By choosing the right blend, preparing your coffee with care, and enjoying it at the perfect moment, you can turn a simple round of golf into an extraordinary experience. So, as you pack your clubs, don’t forget your First Tee Coffee—it might just be the secret ingredient to your best game yet.

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